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AMS Asphalt Plant


AMS Asphalt Plant

CO-NELE mixer is designed compactly overall. All parts are installed in the mixing drum with small space occupation, making it easy to install and update the whole machine.


Suitable for all kinds of hot mix, warm mix and recycled asphalt concretemixing requirements.

Using large size flip unloading door,using cylinder driven mixing no deadAngle, fast unloading speed.

The unloading door is equipped with a heating and insulation system toeffectively avoid the problem of adhesive material on the unloading door.Mixing scraper and lining plate are made of high chromium wear-resistingalloy, with strong wear resistance.

Special high temperature resistant shaft end seal design, and equipped withautomatic lubrication system, long service life,no manual maintenance.Adopt hard tooth surface, industrial reducer and open synchronous gear design,the mixer tank adopts split design, which is easier to maintain the mixer

Stiming capacity(KG)1000120015002000250030004000

Mixing Power(KW)

Rotating speed(RPM)53545545454545


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