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Sationary Concrete Batching Plant


Sationary Concrete Batching Plant

CO-NELE stationary concrete batching plants are being manufactured since 1993’s.


HZN90 concrete batching plant is mainly composed 0f PLD2400 batching machine, JS1500 twin shaft concrete mixer or CMP1500 planetary concrete mixer ,cement

 silos, automatic computer control system, electronic weighing, screw conveyor and others.It can mix fluidity concrete, plastic concrete, hard concrete and other 

proportioning concrete.

CO-NELE stationary concrete batching plants are being manufactured since 1993’s. 

 the product of CO-NELE’s high quality and advanced technology and provides the following advantages to its users:

- Flexibility in the configuration

- High production performance and high productivity

-- Easy installation due to its modular structure

-- Variable layout options

- Wide operating and maintenance areas

- Easy maintenance and low operating costs

plants are mostly preferred for projects which require relatively high concrete production capacity and will take place for a long period of time in the same location.

Why stationary concrete batching plant?

High production capacity

-Easy operation and maintenance in wide areas

-High efficiency

-Flexibility in configuration

-Conformity with special site layouts



The Fixed Concrete Batching Plant can be used for industry, construction, road, railway, bridge, water conservation, ports, and so on.

-Prefabricated parts:

-Cement pipe,

-Block brick

-Subway tube

-Pipe pile

-Pavement brick

-Wall panel

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