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CMP planetary concrete mixer


CMP planetary concrete mixer

Conele CMP planetary mixer and CMPS planetary fast mixer use European technology, 360 angle mix, high mix efficiency, uniform mix, we have over 20 years manufacture experience, factory directly.


Planetary Mixing Device

Compulsory mixing is realized by composite moves of extruding and overturning driven by rotating planets and blades.

Mixing blades are designed in parallelogram structure(patented), which can be turned 180°for reuse to increase sewice life.Specialized discharge

 scraper has been designed according to discharge speed in order to increase productivity.

The vement of the material inside the trough is smooth and continuous.the blades track covers the whole bottom of the trough after a cycle1.jpg

Planetary Gearing

Driving system consists of motor and hardened surface gear which is specialized designed by CO-NELE(patented).

Flexible coupling and hydraulic coupling(option)connects motor and gearbox.

The gearbox is designed by CO-NELE (completely independent intellectual property rights owned) absorbing European advanced technology.

 The improvedmodel has lower noise,longer torque and more durable


Observing Port & Maintaining Door

There is an observing port on the maintaining door. You can observe the mixing situation without cutting off power.

To improve security of using the mixer,reliable high-sensitive security switches are used in  maintaining door to make maintaining work safe 


Hydraulic Discharge Door 

According to the different demands of customers, the discharging door can be opened by hydraulic, pneumatic or by hands.

The number of the discharging door is three at most. And there is special sealing device on the discharging door to ensure the sealing reliable.


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