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Single Shaft Dry Mortar Mixer


Single Shaft Dry Mortar Mixer

CO-NELE Dry mortar mixer is especially suitable for the mixing of many kinds of dry powder and fine granular materials, the cement mortar mixers are used for dry mortar batching plant.


1. Horizontal Single shaft dry mortar mixer The mixing speed is very fast and the mixing time of each betch is 3 to 5 minutes. Besides, the mixing uniformity is high.
2. There won’t be aliquation during mixing when the physical property of the material with different density, granularity, shape,etc.
3.The power consumption per ton is not much, 60% lower than that of common horizontial spiral ribbon mixer.
4.High-speed rotary fly cutter unit, which can be addtionally fixed on the mixer, can scatter fibrous materials in a fast and efficient way;
5. dry mortar powder mixer   has a wide application range.  Double shaft mixer can be made of carbon steel, semi-stainless steel and full-stainless steel according to the requirements of customers and it is especially applicable for the mixing of highly-precise materials.


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